Ben and Nick's European Vacation

Nick and Ben cycle from Sweden to Switzerland and beyond. Check out our cycling trip to Patagonia.

Ben Heumann
Nick Cowan

Friday, July 01, 2005


I have arrived safely in Lund, Sweden. My bike is still in its box; I'll put it together tomorrow morning before Nick arrives. Nick has been hanging out in London, then Copenhagen, in a post-comprehensive-exam daze, waiting for me to finish settling in here. After our adventure, I will be returning to Lund to conduct my master's research until mid-December. Sunday, Nick and I will see the sights in Lund, then start our adventure, cycling to Zeeland, Denmark. From there, we head for Northern Germany, then through the Rohr Valley for the Rhine River. Unlike Patagonia, this trip is ad-hoc as we will go where fate and circumstance take us, most likely involving involve more hiking and sightseeing than our conquest of the great South American steppe. Our only goal is to reach Switzerland in two weeks time, where we will hike, see friends and enjoy the mountain air. Nick and I will post updates and pictures here every couple of days, so stay tuned.