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Ben Heumann
Nick Cowan

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Original Post:

Tonight I camp 100m from where Nick and I ate dinner and made the mistake of following the Mosel River. Now that I have mostly cycled the Rhein from Basel back to Koblentz, we made the right decision. Our route was more beautiful and filled with more adventure than the tame Rhein route. I booked five trains tomorrow, and will probaby catch a 6th in Kiel. Although there is an ICE (inter-city express) to Kiel from Koblentz every hour, only every other takes bikes, and all of the bike reservations are taken; thus I am taking local trains all the way. The amount of time on the train is only slight longer but total travel time due to transfers makes the trip 4 hours longer. This is fine with me since I enjoy train travel and it will allow me to spend the end of my cycling trip in a new part of Denmark rather than part of Germany I have already seen.

Cycling Notes:

Day 26: Dream Cycle (Bergen to Koblentz, Germany) 70km

The Rhein River from the Rheinsburg Ruins, Germany

Castle near Kamp-Bornhofen(?)

Ben at Rheinburg Ruins

Castle and Oblisks near Lahnstein, Germany

Church Tower in Bacharach, Germany(?)

Fotress at Koblentz

Wilhelm IV in Koblentz at the confluence of the Rhein and Mosel Rivers

Day 27: My Railway Bazaar (Train from Koblentz to Gettorf, Germany; Cycling to Altenhof) 20km