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Ben Heumann
Nick Cowan

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Original Post:

I´m in Worms, Germany after many challenges fromt he cycling gods including torrential rain, two flat tires and spending hours trying to find an open bike shop in Strasbourg to get tubes (bike shops are closed on mondays in France!?). Today and tomorrow I´m cycling upü the rhein, then train to Denmark, and a couple more days cycling. Solo cycling is a very different experience than cycling with a partner, lots of fun, but sometimes lonely during breaks. Luckily I have a couple good books.

Cycling Notes:

Day 22: Back on the Road Again (Zurich to Basel by train, Basel, Switzerland to Rhinau, France, via Germany) 140km

Day 23: Strasbourg (Rhinau to Strasbourg, France via Germany, again) 60km

Strasbourg (from on top of the Cathedral)

Entrance to the Cathedral

Day 24: Son of a Monkey (Strasbourg, France to Speyer, Germany) 125km

Day 25: Back on Track (Train from Speyer to Worms, Germany; Cycling from Worms to Bingen, Germany) 130km

Worms was happy to see me.

Jewish Cemetary in Worms

Church (not the cathedral) in Worms

Worms Fountain

Tower in the Rhien near Bingen, Germany