Ben and Nick's European Vacation

Nick and Ben cycle from Sweden to Switzerland and beyond. Check out our cycling trip to Patagonia.

Ben Heumann
Nick Cowan

Friday, August 05, 2005


I'm adding pictures and updating previous posts with entries from my cycling journal. My intention is that this will form some sort of trip report. It will probably take a few days, I'll post again when its complete. Use the list of postings to see the updated postings now with cycling notes and pictures.

Some stats for the trip:
- Lund, Sweden to Monthey, Switzerland (Nick and Ben) 1604km over 16 days (over 100km/day avg.)
- Zurich, Switzerland to Lund, Sweden (Ben solo) 1003km over 9 days (still over 100km/day avg.)
- Ben's Cycling Total: 2,607km
- 15 Metric Century Rides (100 km)
- 2 Imperial Century Rides (100 miles)
- 7 flat tires for Ben; 3(?) for Nick
- 1 Crash
- 5 countries, 4 currencies, 4 languages

Here's a rough map of where our adventure and my solo return (I don't have the details of Nick trip to Modor...I mean Slovenia).